1. Manufacturing  

Our manufacturing line includes:

  1. The bulk production of school uniforms and sport uniforms for a variety of local primary and secondary schools.
  2. The bulk production of overalls, coveralls, lab coats and shirts for the Services Industry compliant with OSHA.
  3. The production of Round Neck Tees, Polo Shirts and bandanas for various sporting bodies; organisations and companies.
  4. We also cater to the Hospitality Industry, providing aprons, sheets and pillow cases.

2. Screen Printing

Our Screen Printing line includes work coming directly from our Manufacturing line as most customers rather get their logos and other art at a one stop shop.

However, some of our customers would also bring tee-shirts or polos sponsored by others for us to put their artworks on.

We use Pantone colours for all solid artworks and, for well detailed technical artworks we use CMYK.

All our graphics are done in-house by a certified graphic artist.

3. Embroidery

Usually, our Embroidery line also includes work coming from our Manufacturing line.

It also includes few odd jobs which other customers requests such as, embroidering on leather, pants and some, even their shoes.

As long as we can embroider it, we will do it! We do not shy away from any job.

However normally, we embroider patches, hats, shirts,lab coats, aprons etc.